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Mission group goes for world adjusting record

Doctors hope to bring chiropractic care to 25,000 in Dominican Republic and Haiti

This April, the Chiromissions Foundation will once again bring chiropractic to thousands of people who would ordinarily never get the chance to enjoy the benefits of spinal adjustments. The mission will be different from previous trips with organizers preparing to adjust 25,000 people in four days and representatives from Guinness World Records scheduled to be on hand to record the event. During the last Mission Chiropractic trip, doctors adjusted 9,000 people in three days.

More than 50 chiropractors and chiropractic students will take part in the mission to Haiti and the Dominican Republic and they're already preparing mentally, physically, and spiritually for the trip. They're also getting ready for the task of facing the unknown in two countries recognized both for their beauty and for their poverty.

While in Haiti, doctors will not be able to communicate with the USA. There will be no checking in with family, friends, or work. In addition, weakness in national infrastructure such as electrical power, communication, and transportation means there is no guarantee that the doctors will even be able to return home immediately.

Still, they are all eager to begin their journey and make a life‑changing contribution to the people living in those developing nations.

The Chiromissions Foundation ‑‑ known formerly as Chiromissions ‑‑ is a not‑for‑profit organization founded by Drs. JC Doornick, Todd Herold and Peter Morgan. The trio recently traveled to the Dominican Republic and met with President Leonel Fernandez' cabinet.

They spoke with that country's leaders about chiropractic's role in helping the people recover from the devastation caused by recent hurricanes. The doctors were also televised and welcomed at the New York Dominican Republic Consulate by the chief council and all staff. More than 10 pastors from the Dominican Republic were also present at the historic event.

The three chiropractors had previously toured an area destroyed by a hurricane and met Carmen, a 97‑year old woman who found herself neck high in six feet of mud water in her bedroom after the storm stuck. Her family had to bring a horse into her small casita and drag her out to save her life. When the doctors asked what she thought of the experience, Carmen said she had no complaints and thanked God for all that she still has.

Chiromissions is working to raise money to rebuild homes that were lost during the storm. The doctors also spent three days meeting with the directors of the mainstream hospitals. They discussed the possibility of bringing chiropractic to the country on a permanent basis, an idea that the Dominican Republic government and medical profession have embraced.

"They have asked us to deliver a presentation on chiropractic philosophy," stated Dr. Morgan. "They want to begin a proactive health care strategy so they can begin to apply our philosophy. They see the value in teaching their patients to maximize their health potential and avoid disease in the first place. We have taken the necessary steps to get the wheels rolling for the first‑ever chiropractic school in the Dominican Republic."

Dean DePice, DC, from TLC coaching and Fran Capo, motivational speaker and writer, will be on hand to help doctors prepare for what Morgan describes as "a transformation that can't be explained in words." He adds: "The chiropractors on this mission will encounter a remarkable and wondrous journey filled with love and compassion. This genuine love will be bestowed upon humankind, especially the poor and needy. The mission is to alleviate the suffering of others, especially the poor and those suffering from the terrible storm. The universe planned something very special for the Chiromissionaries and there is a request for them to make a difference. They are to minister and facilitate chiropractic and help with the change of the world. One person can change the course of humanity. It can be any one of us. One individual can affect millions of people. Our calling is to save lives. We are instruments of the universe. We have been requested to enlighten others about chiropractic."

Morgan emphasizes that the mission helps doctors appreciate what they already have. "We can read, we can see, we have wealth beyond our wildest dreams," he says. "Now it is time to give back. It is time to serve. ... Each of us has a service to provide and every service is important. There is no such thing as a small service, every service is desperately needed and every service matters to the universe."

The purpose of Chiromissions is to promote chiropractic and adjust all who are subluxated throughout the world, especially in third world countries where resources are so terribly limited. Chiromissions also intends to cultivate students of chiropractic from those deprived areas so they may return to their beloved countries and work as chiropractors.

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