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Earthquake in Haiti

WCA sponsors Haiti relief mission

In response to the emergency in Haiti, the World Chiropractic Alliance (WCA) sponsored a special Mission-Chiropractic trip to the devastated country in January.

Headed by Peter Morgan, DC, the team of 15 chiropractors and support staff flew to Haiti on Jan. 18 and spent eight days delivering chiropractic care, first aid, and humanitarian relief to residents in an area close to Port Au Prince. In addition, the team distributed food and installed vital water filtration systems, which allowed people access to clean water for the first time since the Jan. 12 earthquake. The systems were donated by Connecticut-based KX Technologies. Today is March 7, 2010 and we have been to Haiti four times in this short year. We are planning a mission trip to Haiti every month. Next trip is scheduled for April 16, 2010.

Dr. Morgan, a long-time WCA member, is the founder and head of Mission-Chiropractic and has extensive emergency relief experience, including organizing efforts after the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attack in New York. He and his volunteers had just returned from a regular chiropractic mission trip to Haiti on Monday, January 11-one day before the earthquake destroyed much of the country and killed as many as 230,000 people.

Morgan's team joined up with a group of volunteers headed by Herman Mendoza, founder of Stepping Stones Ministries. The two groups received clearance from the Haitian Consulate General in New York to provide relief assistance.

Because there were no available living accommodations in the area, the team was housed by one of Morgan's patients in the area, chiropractic advocate and Haitian citizen Saurel Charles.

"We installed five water filtration systems in five different locations," Morgan reported upon his return. "These systems will be used to provide clean drinking water to entire communities. Among the recipients was a makeshift hospital in the rubble of the worst hit section in Port Au Prince. A community ambulance service that was nearly totally destroyed, as was the house of the Pastor in the community that we adopted."

Upon arrival, the chiropractic team rented three large SUVs and filled them with food and water as well as chiropractic tables.

"We adjusted a few thousand people in tent-city refugee camps around the corner from the Capitol building," Morgan explained. "The next day, we ventured into the fields behind the US Embassy, where we offered low-tech bandaging and wound care. We adjusted hundreds of people who were living in makeshift tents constructed with sticks and bed sheets.

How you can help

Volunteer to serve one week in Haiti.Says Morgan: "We are asking for a week of your time, energy, and skill. We have a created a safe infrastructure and are working to integrate with groups that have had a presence in Haiti for 33 years. Our team will stay at my patient's gated home near the U.S. Embassy."

Donate money to fund the project.Make a tax deductible credit card donation online or send a check to Dr. Morgan at: Mission Chiropractic, 931 E Boston Post Rd, Mamaroneck, NY 10543.

Ask your patients to donate or adopt a Haitian family. Contact Dr. Peter Morgan at for more information.

Schedule a 4-Hour "Get in Shape" Conference at your church or organization. Generate funds for the Haitian relief project while bringing new patients into your office. Contact Dr. Peter Morgan at for more information.

People left homeless by the earthquake queue up for aid in front of the Red Cross office. "As we worked on these people, they begged us for food and water stating, 'We have not had a drink of water in many days. We need food and water!"Throughout the trip, the team filled and emptied the SUVs again and again, bringing as much food and water as they could to the desperate people, giving adjustments whenever possible."Two associates of our team served in the hospitals assisting in amputations and delivering babies," Morgan added.The water filtration systems were a particular blessing to the people. Many people who survived the initial earthquake have since died from diseases contracted by drinking contaminated water.According to one AP report, "Nearly a month after the quake, respiratory infections, malnutrition, diarrhea from waterborne diseases and a lack of appropriate food for young children may be the biggest killers, health workers say."Ironically, generous but ill-informed donors had shipped in huge quantities of powered infant formula, which was useless or dangerous due to the lack of clean water and access to sterilized bottles.The neighborhood targeted by Morgan and his team, near their host's home, was almost completely destroyed."The school, church, and most homes are gone," he said. "We have decided to adopt this community. Our mission is to provide full time chiropractic at this location. We also intend to rebuild the school, church, and many homes. We would like to build a shelter at the home of Saurel Charles. We intend to continue to distribute water and food. The people in this community begged us to not forget them. We will not. Our plans are to have two-to-three full time chiropractors at this site until our mission is accomplished. We are asking the chiropractic profession to support our mission."Return to Trips Haiti Today is March 12, 1010 and we have been to Haiti four times in this short year. We are planning a mission trip to Haiti every month. Please write me at for more information.

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