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History of Mission Life International

Mission Life International, Inc is a 501 c (3) not for profit charitable organization. Tax identification number 47-5399154

Mission Life International, Inc is in responsible of running Mission Life international Family Orphanage and among other chartable endeavors.


Mission Life International Foundation is a 501 (c) (3) not for profit private foundation Tax identification number 27-0532915Mission Life International Foundation is responsible for running the mission trips

Dear Friends and Family,

I have so many stories to tell you, and so many things I want to share with you. But I first want to thank you for helping me to be here for such a time as this. I am looking forward to introducing you to the new members of our family, the children whose lives were torn apart by the earthquake. But before I do, I would like to take you on the journey that took me to Port au Prince, Haiti and Quanaminthe, Haiti over 40 times since January 2010. I became in involved in leading chiropractic mission trips after the twin towers in New York had come down in 2001. I was an executive officer in the New York Chiropractic Council at that time. My job was to assist Dr's Ellen Coyne and Stephen Simonetti (Council's President and Vice President) in coordinating Chiropractors from all over the world to come to New York and assist in the relief effort.  Chiropractors such as Gary Deutchman, DC would serve chiropractic to the relief workers every day for 6 months at the 911 site.  Shortly thereafter I had a calling to continue this type of work in third world countries. In 2002 I began to lead Mission trips to the Dominican Republic, Haiti, Trinidad, Tobago, Cuba, Venezuela, and Tibet, China. In January 2010 I was leading a Mission trip to Ouanaminthe, Haiti. I had been to Ouanaminthe on aproximately 15 previous occasions, however I had never been to Port Au Prince. We then traveled to see a patient of mine in Port Au Prince, Haiti.  His name was Boss Massel. He was a famous actor in Haiti and he drove a cab in New York City. I left Haiti on January 11, 2010. The next day Haiti was hit by the worst Earthquake in hundreds of years. 325,000 people lost their lives and1,500,000 people instantaneously became homeless. Thousands of children became orphans in those few hours. Many lost their whole families. Brothers, sister, father, mothers, grandparents and aunts and uncles were all gone. God told me I had to return. I returned to Port Au Prince a few days later with a group of 20 chiropractic missionaries and other volunteers. Mission Life International was born. I had already been doing mission work since 2002 under the name of Chiromissions, however Mission Life International has a much higher purpose. Yes Mission Life International brings chiropractors to third world countries but also does much, much more. Our mission is life and we want to save as many lives as possible, especially children. We made the 4-hour plane trip to Santo Domingo. We rented 4 large SUV’s and we filled them up with food and water. We also brought water filtration systems from the USA along with 50,000 US dollars. We made the nine-hour drive to Port au Prince. We began a three-week journey to search for children needing our help the most. Luckily Boss Massel's house and large property survived. We placed all the children in this famous Actors house.  We fed hundreds of orphans each day but financially we could only house 50. When we arrived in Port Au Prince, the smell of death and the sights were physically challenging and emotionally gut wrenching. Some of our team had to assist in amputations and childbirth. Many people were pleading and crying out for us to take their babies, we were the great white hopes for many, many people. But by the grace of god and our team determination we continued our mission. Our mission was to save as many children as possible. Our mission was to help the youngest victims of the earthquake. We were licensed in a few days as Mission Life International Family orphanage. I had never seen destruction as this; people were buried in the rubble under our feet. People everywhere were screaming out in pain, children all over were crying. At night we would sing spirituals songs under the moonlight as thousands of people wept. All around me were schools, churches, buildings and homes that were completely destroyed. Dr Brad Rauch and I were sleeping in a 110-degree concrete room with hundreds of roaches and experienced to large aftershock earthquakes. 5.6 and 5.1 after shocks. My words cannot accurately describe the grotesque scenes that we witnessed over the next several weeks. As I looked at the extensive rubble and mass destruction, my mind couldn’t help but think about the thousands of children that now had no one.

Only God knows how many children became orphans that day.

We fed and adjusted thousands of people.

My team and I went to adjust people in hospitals, tent cities, and makeshift medical clinics in tents. Doctors and nurses introduced us to many children who suffered extensive injuries, amputations and those who were orphaned or abandoned. Hospital administrators were sleeping outside with children. They had very little food and water and we fed them. We took many of these children back to our house in Port au Prince. We have been able to take care of 20 children over two years with the money that we raised from the USA. We moved the orphanage from Port Au Prince to Ouanaminthe, Haiti because it is a border town with the Dominican Republic. This makes it much easier to travel to and from the orphanage. It is much easier to bring supplies from the large city of Santiago, DR that is only 150 minutes away. What makes our orphanage unique is that we are able to provide the children with chiropractic and a vitalistic education. We teach English and Spanish. Recently many have asked if and when we will take more children. Daily, children and families are showing up at our front door seeking help. We are now in the process a renting a larger facility and we want to be able to take in 30 more children this year. All we presently need are bunk beds for the children. Help us as we continue to open our hearts and prepare a home for children that do not have one.

As you can suppose, it’s been a very challenging few years. But at the same time filled with miracles joy and help.

We chiropractors are so blessed to be able to serve man and god at the same time. Our hands have been blessed.  We are very fortunate and grateful to have found our life purpose and mission. Most of the chiropractors that come on our missions see Chiropractic as a vocation more than a profession. We are blessed to have a deep passion for Chiropractic.  Our calling is our commitment to serve God by helping his people express more of there God given health potential through principled chiropractic.

As chiropractors we are instruments that God uses to turn on the inner light  to awaken the inborn healer and bring life closer to wholeness."

Our mission and heart’s desire is to serve humanity with love and teach the principles of life, health, healing, wellness and well being inherent to Chiropractic Philosophy. We are committed to the Path of Mastery by being continuous students of life and Chiropractic. Leading by example to the best of our ability is our main focus in order to inspire and help others on their healing journey.

Mission Life International's purpose is to help the poor especially in those countries where resources are so terribly limited. To educate people around the world about natural health care.  Mission Life International intends to work to raise funds for charitable organizations, which provide food, clothing and shelter to those in need! Mission Life International was formed to serve the world and help all people to expand their hearts and minds. To provide charitable mission trips and community education programs that familiarize people with the benefits of drugless health care in countries where drugless health care is relatively unknown. Mission Life International works with many different organizations to fulfill its purpose, especially chiropractic organizations because chiropractic is the largest drugless healing profession in the world. Mission Life International plans to build schools, orphanages and homes so that people can have a better life.


A healthy and vitalistic life for the inhabitants of our planet earth.

The hands of every race from around the world represent Mission Life International's mission of bringing people from all the over the world to help people from all over the world. Green represents the tree of life and health around the world. Red represents the idea to stop and take notice that the world needs organizations like Mission Life International.


To provide humanitarian service programs compatible with vitalistic philosophy to provide humanitarian aid to poor communities.

To include spinal health education efforts such as “Straighten up America” in communities where we provide humanitarian work.

To maintain a website for the purposes of providing information on the availability of charitable mission trips around the world and for recruiting purposes.

To solicit money for Scholarships which are awarded to students in developing countries.

To seek funding for the establishment of humanitarian drugless health care offices in developing countries.

To recommend that governments offer funding for the education of their own citizens to obtain health care degrees with the agreement of returning to their homeland and establish a practice or work in government hospitals in cases when they are educated abroad. 

To encourage institutions of higher learning in developing countries to establish Chiropractic College’s in their countries. This will permit the training of a greater number of new chiropractors within their own language and culture and at a lower, more affordable cost for the indigenous population.

To recruit Chiropractic Educators who wish to participate in the development of new Chiropractic Schools in foreign countries.

To consult with Educational Institutions interested in adding a chiropractic department that meets the International Curriculum Standards.

To partner with universities within developing countries in establishing chiropractic training programs that meet International standards. 

To participate in International Chiropractic organizations to help with the delivery of Chiropractic care.

To establish cooperative alliances with Chiropractic Organizations already involved in the development and delivery of Chiropractic care.

To support the development of a strong and unified Chiropractic National Association in each country.

To support the legalization efforts by Chiropractors in every country that establishes legislated standards for DC registration in their country; and which have provisions that ensure public safety by utilizing guidelines such as the CCP guidelines.

To monitor the efforts of the different entities who also are involved in the introduction of Chiropractic in countries with few or no chiropractors.

Mission Life International desires its membership to engage in humanitarian efforts. A humanitarian is one who charitably lays down his life for others in need (i.e. his professional skills, his time, his physical efforts, his spiritual commitment and his financial resources).  Mission Life International as an organization plans to serve mankind's needs throughout the world in this area. Our goal is achieved through international volunteerism, charitable donations, wellness, and education. 

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