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Peter Morgan, DC

Founder/ President of Mission Life International, Inc

Dr. Peter Morgan has been in Private Chiropractic Practice since 1986. In that same year Dr. Morgan founded his own private office in New York, New York under the name Rye Neck Chiropractic. Dr. Peter Morgan currently practices at Washington Heights Chiropractic in the upper west side of Manhattan, as well as in the sister office in the Dominican Republic. Apart from his practice, Dr. Morgan founded Mission Life International, a non-profit organization aiming to help those in needs through chiropractic.  With this organization Dr. Morgan, goes on full weekday mission trips, approximately four times a year, where technique and philosophy are thought to volunteers, while at the same time helping those who resources are limited. Dr. Peter Morgan is a founding member of “Organisation Des Familles Pour La Croissance Des Enfants Demunis”, a family orphanage and Chiropractic Center at Port Au Prince, Haiti.  Dr. Morgan is more commonly known for holding the world record for adjusting 21,541 patients (ages 6 months to 98 years old) in two days ( April 4-5, 2008) with a group of 28 chiropractors, 31 chiropractic assistants and 5 volunteers. Dr. Morgan is also known for holding the world record in 2011, by having the largest chiropractic mission team, with 106 chiropractors.

Lona Cook, DC

Mission Life International, Inc
Vice President, U.S.A

Dr. Lona Cook, DC is a chiropractor, author, and mentor for female chiropractors. Her love for chiropractic paired with her passion for teaching and mentoring combine to provide an exceptional resource for female chiropractors who want to improve their lives and their practice. When Dr. Lona graduated from chiropractic college a few years ago, she decided to take the road less traveled and begin on her own as a fresh graduate and new DC. She opened her own practice from ground up and through dedication, focus, and hard work within two years had built it to a level at which she was able to pay off more than six figures worth of student loan debt. At the time, she felt as though if someone would just tell her what to do, she could do it. There was no resource available at that time providing a real step by step guide to build a successful practice for new DC's. Dr. Lona took copious notes during the process and used those notes to write "Just Tell Me Where To Start," her first book. The book includes a real life step by step account of every issue faced in opening a new office from finding a space, getting insurance, marketing yourself with little or no money, setting up your systems, and more. All learned in the trenches during the first two years of business. The book led to many national speaking engagements, coaching and mentoring opportunities, then international speaking engagements, and other appearances. All the while, Dr. Lona has continued to focus on her practice and patients and has at the same time grown her original practice to more than double in size and open another practice, adding associate DC's and additional CA's to the team. Dr. Lona practices what she teaches for a happy and full life in alignment both at home and in the practice.

Tiffany Altilio, DC

Mission Life International, Inc
Board Member, U.S.A

In addition to her Doctor of Chiropractic from Northwestern Health Sciences University in Minnesota, Dr. Tiffany has a nursing degree as well. She also did postgraduate pediatric and prenatal training. “After working on an orthopedic floor as a nurse in a good sized hospital in the Midwest for a year, I started to look around and realized that this wasn’t quite right.” When she was in school, she was really into the medical model due to her background as a registered nurse. “I knew a tiny bit about chiropractic, but I didn’t get the philosophy yet.” Dr. Tiffany recalls sitting in her philosophy classes and learning about the 33 principles of chiropractic and how there’s an innate potential inside of us. “When I learned how the chiropractic adjustment releases that potential the hair on my arms stood up! It was just one of those things that rang true to me. I realized I’m in the right place, and this is where I want to spend my time.” Helping Patients Thrive It’s gratifying for Dr. Tiffany to help her many patients achieve better health. Her pediatric patients, in particular, always stand out the most. “When I was brand-new in practice, one of my patients was a little girl who had been misdiagnosed and had restricted movement.” According to Dr. Tiffany, the girl was incredibly late meeting her milestone and was barely moving at 13 months of age. By the time we finished care, she was running on the beach and swimming in Hawaii with her Outside the practice, Dr. Tiffany enjoys playing outside with her family and dog. She also loves the environment and tries to live more sustainably. She is involved with Mission Life International and sponsors WildCat Haven. She enjoys giving back to the community through the Bridge to Health Chiropractic‘s Stand Strong program for day care and elementary schools. Dr. Tiffany talks to children about posture, self-esteem and their nervous system.

Shelby Henriksen, DC

Mission Life International, Inc
Board Member, U.S.A

Dr. Shelby Henriksen grew up in Lakeville, MN and received her business degree from Loyola University Chicago where she also played collegiate volleyball.  Dr. Shelby then went on to graduate from Northwestern Health Sciences University where she received her Doctorate of Chiropractic.  She is extremely passionate about chiropractic and educating people and their families that true health comes from the inside-out! Dr. Shelby now resides in Hudson and truly feels this is the “perfect place for her!”  She very much enjoys meeting new people in the community and harvesting lasting relationships.  Dr. Shelby also enjoys being a short drive from her family and friends in Minnesota.  She is excited to make a BIG impact in this wonderful community and has dreams of a healthy future for all practice members-free from unnecessary prescription drugs and medical interventions.Dr. Shelby loves to travel and still enjoys playing volleyball for fun.  In the summer you will find her on the water and in the winter on the slopes, or in a deer stand.  Come in and meet Dr. Shelby, she is ready to help you achieve your health goals!

Henri Rosenblum, DC

Mission Life International
Vice President of Fundraising

Dr. Henri Rosenblum earned his Bachelor's degree from State University College at Oneonta NY in 1982 and is a 1988 honors graduate of Palmer Chiropractic College in Davenport Iowa. Following chiropractic associate positions in NYC and Rockland County NY he entered private practice by opening the We Care Chiropractic Health Center on East 29th Street in NYC. Two years later Dr. Henri moved his growing practice to a larger space, opening Central Chiropractic at the corner of 42nd Street and Madison Avenue also in NYC. After nearly 10 years of practice Dr. Henri took time off to enjoy a 2 year around the world tour including 3 months in Australia where he studied the little known body/mind art of Yantra Yoga. He also spent 2 months visiting temples and studying hands on healing with indigenous Shaman, Gurus and Masters while visiting numerous islands of Indonesia and Thailand. During this time he also wrote both a screenplay and a novel titled Fall Without Jerry. Beginning in 2000, Dr. Henri taught Clinical Sciences for two years to future Doctors at Life Chiropractic College in Marietta, Georgia. Upon returning to New York he worked first for the Chiropractic Leadership Alliance and then the Creating Wellness Alliance. 2006 marked the Grand Opening of Dr. Henri's new practice, Power On Chiropractic and Nutrition in The Three Villages Community in Suffolk County NY. In 2013 Dr. Henri went on the first of seven mission trips he has now served on to Haiti with Mission Life International. Now after 31 years Dr. Henri practices part time at Sunset Cottage Chiropractic in Stony Brook NY and at North Shore Family Chiropractic in Port Jefferson NY, where along with specific chiropractic care he also helps clients with nutrition and also Cranial Facial Release Technique which he became certified in 2018. Along with serving on the board with Mission Life International he also serves the United Nations as an NGO DPI thru The World Chiropractic Alliance. An active and enthusiastic lecturer, Dr. Henri speaks regularly to groups, clubs, schools and organizations on various health topics. If you want him to speak at your organization, invite him. Dr. Henri presently splits his time between Stony Brook NY, NYC and Haiti where he leads teams of missionaries and spends time with our kids at the orphanage. His other passions include live music events, the NY Yankees, animal rescue, and his three children Keith, Sarah and Lauren.

Theresa Mary Morgan

Mission Life International, Inc

Theresa Mary Morgan has worked for over 30 years in the field of retail management. She worked for many years with a chain of upscale childrens stores. She is experienced at planning and budgeting ;purchasing, employee training; adherence to company standards; and customer relations. She was responsible for management of many employees and managed payroll, scheduling, reports, inventory and lay out of clothes and store windows. Planning, purchasing and management of stock. Management of computer entries and sales. Seasonal purchasing at trade shows in Manhattan, New York. Ran and analysed selling reports to track open to buy.  Monitored sales performances to generate maximum stock return. Designed more attractive merchandise presentation strategies and special marketing campaigns, resulting in increased traffic and profits. Hired and trained sales staff. Increased multiple store inventory and expanded merchandise purchases. She is experienced in purchasing, merchandising, customer service, and all facets of running multiple stores

Timothy Morgan

Mission Life International, Inc
Public Relations and Fundraising 

Born in Westchester, NY, Tim attended Iona Prep in New Rochelle and was a 2012 graduate of St. Joseph's University in Philadelphia. Tim graduated St. Joe's with a BA in History. 

Tim, an avid sports fan, played baseball for both Iona Prep and St. Joe's. In addition to playing, Tim also coached JV baseball at St. Raymond's High School for Boys. Tim is currently employed at the National Football League, where he works in digital advertising. 

Alexandra Shaw

Mission Life International, Inc
Public Relations and Fundraising 

Alexandra was born and raised in Briarcliff Manor, New York. She graduated in the top of her class at Briarcliff High School and went on to attend Villanova University. There, Alexandra got a BBA from the Villanova School of Business with a degree in Marketing and a minor in International Business. At Villanova, her love for helping people formed where she participated in many community service events and groups. She is currently taking a break from the advertising industry to do non-profit work. 

Tim Dalton

Mission Life International, Inc
Fundraising and Public Relations

Tim is the Senior Pastor of First Baptist Church of White Plains, NY. He is married with two children. Tim’s church has actively supported an orphanage and school in Hinche, Haiti for over ten years and is pleased to now be serving on the Board of Mission Life International. He is originally from Chicago and, when he can, enjoys being outdoors with his family.


Brian E. Long, DC

Mission Life International, Inc
Board of Advisor

Dr. Brian E. Long a practicing chiropractor for over 36 years. Co-Founder and director of one of the Pacific Northwest’s largest multi-doctor clinic. Dr Long is an author, international lecturer, accomplished technique instructor, consultant, and a member and past chairperson of the illustrious Chiropractic Knights of the Round Table. A family man with six children (four of whom are chiropractors), Dr. Long has accomplished near perfect balance in his personal and chiropractic life.

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