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Construction Projects

Our Construction Projects: The Village of Hope

The Village of Hope is based on vitalistic principles of honoring the relationships we have with our bodies, our land and with each other. The Village will house educational and vocational facilities designed with programs to promote youth leadership as a means of empowering local youths to become self reliant. 
Mison Por La Vie Family Orphanage has secured land for the Village of Hope.

We have begun construction of dormitories for our chiropractic missionaries and future chiropractors. This house will be called the New Beginnings legacy house. 

On this land we will also have an American restaurant. The restaurant will be called the Haitian Yankee Family Restaurant. This will create jobs for our children, our administrators, our security team, our translators and their families.

Mission Life International foundation has already built the kitchen for the restaurant. The restaurant will be completed by April. Peter Morgan, DC is funding this project.

Progress and the Phases of Development

Phase 1

With the collaboration of local leadership and Mission Life International, Inc the land for the Village of Hope was secured by Mision Por La Vie Family Orphanage in Ounaminthe, Haiti. Thanks to funding through the chiropractic community at Mission Life International, Inc and New Beginnings, housing for chiropractic missionaries (and other service-oriented missionaries) is nearing completion. See photos on the right.

Phase 2

Phase 2 of the Village of Hope is to provide a sustainable method of providing food for the orphanage and the missionaries by building an industrial-style kitchen supplied with produce from a soil enriched garden.

Phase 3

Phase 3 of the Village of Hope is a two-story dormitory for the 29 orphans sponsored by Mission Life International, Inc. This phase will be fully funded and spearheaded by our organization and is our secondary focus for fundraising.  Our primary focus is the immediate and ongoing funding of these children's formal education.

Phase 4 and Beyond

Phase 4 of the Village of Hope is a self-sustaining restaurant serving the community and staffed by the children of our orphanage.  Future projects include construction of buildings and workshops to house an educational and vocational curriculum. We are also partnering with Mission Life International, Inc to construct and implement a chiropractic college in Haiti, for Haitians

Make a donation to if you are interested in feeding, housing and clothing the children and helping in the construction of our NB legacy house and dormitories  the construction of our orphanage or any other construction projects that we have.


Baby Mama Birthing Center

We are planning to provide a safe place for Haitian women to receive compassionate and respectful care at the hands of skilled midwives and chiropractors. No one will be turned away. We anticipate that every morning 50 women will start their day waiting to be seen by the midwives. Women will be entering (in labor) to our sanctuary and safety to have their babies.   


Haiti has the highest maternal and infant mortality rate in the Western Hemisphere. Mission Life International believes no woman or baby should die during childbirth. Nearly all maternal and infant deaths in Haiti are preventable with access to a skilled birth attendant. Our mission is to increase access to skilled maternal care along with skilled chiropractic care. Our programs are designed to educate and empower women.



Along with chiropractic, prenatal and postnatal care, the Birthing Center will be also a “Women’s and baby’s Health and Teaching Center,” providing educational classes. Mainly, we want healthy mothers and babies. Poor mothers visiting us will leave with a better understanding of life and health.:

1.    Family planning: it is better to have fewer children who are healthy than a lot of children who have malnutrition.

2.    Birth control: Provide safe and sustainable birth control. However, there are strict guidelines from the Government of Haiti that we must follow.

3.    Prenatal vitamins: they will receive authentic prenatal vitamin to help their baby get the nutrients needed for healthy development.

4.    Breastfeeding support: Offer structured programs of supporting breastfeeding in stages pre and postnatal.

5.    Good hygiene: How to take care of themselves before, after, and during pregnancy and How to care for their newborns as they develop.

6.    Chiropractic Care and education in the chiropractic lifestyle.


We have already invested over $80,000 US in the creation of our Birthing and Chiropractic Center building. Donations came from

·      Life University $20,000

·      New Beginnings $10,000

·      Ryan Cecil $5,000

·      $10,000 from multiple individuals

·      $35,000 from Peter Morgan, DC. 


Peter H. Morgan, DC

Founder/President Mission Life International

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