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Mission Life International Birthing Center
Moms Helping Moms

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Haiti’s maternal death rate is the highest in the western hemisphere

where 1 in 80 women will die from childbirth and pregnancy related causes.

Preventing many of these deaths with basic prenatal care and a safe, sanitary haven to give birth is now possible. The Mission Life International Birthing Center in Ouanaminthe Haiti, staffed with 3 full time midwives has so far delivered 21 healthy babies to 21 cared for moms. The cost for prenatal care and delivery for one pregnancy is $77. So, with our Birthing Center building completed and solar going in soon,

and ongoing donations covering basic operations and salaries, we’re asking you to consider helping a mom in Haiti and her baby to not become another death statistic. 


When you donate $77, you will be given a number that will be matched to a pregnant mother, and then also the newborn baby. Upon delivery you will receive pictures showing the mom and baby, the lives you very well may have saved.


To Pledge $77 Click the Donate Button above

Thank you in advance from the Mission Life International Birthing Center Board and all the moms and babies living in Haiti

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