Mission Life International, Inc

Our purpose is to help the poor especially in those countries where resources are so terribly limited.

Haiti needs your Chiropractic Hands. The people of Haiti depend upon our healing hands to change their lives. Join us on a mission trip. We began our missions in 2002 in the Dominican Republic, Haiti, Trinidad, Tobago, Venezuela, Cuba and Tibet China. During January 2010 we were in Port Au Prince, Haiti on a mission trip. We returned to New York on January 11, 2010. The very next day on January 12, 2010 Haiti was struck with the worst earthquake in the last 200 years. Our team of 20 returned to Port Au Prince and started feeding and adjusting thousands. Mission Life International is born. This year Haiti was struck with another huge hurricane. The people need your healing hands.


Our Primary Focus:


Mission Life International’s Love Shoes for Haiti Program. 

We have been so blessed and fortunate to receive thousands of shoes during last two New Beginnings for our “Love Shoes for Haiti” program. Now 50 % of the people in the community around our chiropractic orphanages in Haiti are wearing shoes. 


Mission Life International’s Love Notes for Haiti Program. 

We opened a music school to give our orphans and hundreds of other impoverished children the blessing of playing music. We are working with the Church of Notre Dame in Ouanaminthe, Haiti. which houses the school. We received cello’s, violins, guitars and many other musical instruments. Our children are now enrolled in music school.

Haiti_Love Bikes (1)_edited.jpg

Mission Life International’s Love Cycles for Haiti Program

We are now looking for love cycles. With gasoline at $6 US a gallon and the average wage for a Haitian worker at less than $25 a week we have created a love cycle for Haiti program. Please help us with donations of new or used bicycles.

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Mission Life International’s Love Prosper for Haiti Program

6 months ago Pastor’s pregnant wife lost their baby in her eight month. Driving his motorcycle on his way to the Hospital to visit his wife Pastor Prosper was hit head on by a car. He sustained multiple injuries and was in the hospital for months. He still needs to walk with crutches four months after the accident. While his church was left unattended for three months it was ravished by a storm. While the church and school still function, it is just a pile of sticks. One of our goals is to construct a new church for Pastor Prosper.


Mission Life International’s Love Bricks for Haiti

Donate $5000 and you will get a wing of the building named after you.

Donate $1000 and you will get a room named after you.

Donate $75 per brick to help us build the building.


Our Accomplishments:

Completed 90 mission trips. Mission Life International clothes, feeds and houses 29 children in Ouanaminthe, Haiti. Our education arm educated our 29 children at our Mission Life Orphanage and 39 children at Pastor Prospers school. Mission Life International has built wells, installed water filtration systems and built desks and blackboards since the devastating earthquake of 2010. In January 2013, we moved our children into better housing with a security guard and employed a nun to help provide structure in their daily routine and assist in their daily activities. We have finished construction of new housing for our children. We have brought approximately 3,500 Doctors to Haiti since 2002. We have purchased land for Pastor Prosper who was about to loose his church and school. We have built a church and christian school for Pastor Prospers congregation. We have begum construction of the village of hope. It will house many children. We have began the construction of our mission house for housing of all chiromissionaries. We have began the construction of a chiropractic health center. Our outdoor restaurant is almost complete. All our orphaned children will have jobs. Currently our mission employs 20 people from Haiti. Look at some of our other programs. 


"The power that made the body heals the body"

Our Next Step:

To continue and open another music school to give our orphans and hundreds of other impoverished children the blessing of playing music. The school will be free for all of the orphanages in this region. We are working with the Church of Notre Dame in Ouanaminthe to house the school. We appreciate you thinking of these children. Your kindness is making a major impact for these loving souls.  We truly believe that music will help transform the community in Ouanaminthe in many ways including economically.