Baby Mama Birthing Center





Submitted to:  _____________________________________

Presented by:  Peter Morgan, DC

People involved in this project:



Founder and President Mission Life International. Current Non-Profit status in the Dominican Republic, USA and Haiti.  

Founder and Executive Director Organisation Des Families Pour La Croissance Des Enfants Demunis. Mission Pour La Vie Internacionale. Mission Life International Family orphanage and Chiropractic Center Ouanaminthe, Haiti. Founder and President of Mission Life International University. 

Founder and Director of Dr. Peter Morgan’s ChiroMissions.  Current WCA NGO (non-governmental organization) chiropractic representative to the United Nations' Department of Public Information. 

Current ICA Representative to Haiti and the Dominican Republic. 

Co-founder and President of the Latin America Chiropractic Association. Founding member of ONE CHIROPRACTIC. Board Member World Chiropractic Alliance.  

Private Chiropractic Practice in New York City Since 1986. Past International Committee International Federation of Chiropractic Organizations. Past President of the New York Chiropractic Council. Current Manhattan District President.



Medical Director: of Chronic Care International (CCI) 2012-2014

Medical Director: of National Evangelical University/ DR.2014-2017.

Administrative Director: of Univers Centre Medical, W. Haiti. 2018-2019.

Medical Director: of Danita’s Children Medical Center. 2019-2020.

Binational Haiti/DR Coordinator: Hernia Repair for the Undeserved (HRFU), 


Medical Coord. Foundation for the International Medical Relief of Children, 


CEO and Founder, Ouanaminthe Community Medical Center 2020-present


3. ALEX THONY, DIRECTOR, Mission Life Chiropractic Orphanage

Coordinator of Mission Life International and Chiromissions in Ouanaminthe, Haiti

Former pharmacist at University Medical Center.



Civil engineer 

Former technician at Canal Satellite TV

Cap Haitian Haiti.



Haiti has the highest maternal and infant mortality rate in the Western Hemisphere. Mission Life International believes no woman or baby should die during childbirth. Nearly all maternal and infant deaths in Haiti are preventable with access to a skilled birth attendant. Our mission is to increase access to skilled maternal care along with skilled chiropractic care. Our programs are designed to educate and empower women.


Maternal health refers to the health of women during pregnancy, childbirth, and the postnatal period. Each stage should be a positive experience, ensuring women and their babies reach their full potential for health and well-being. 


The most common direct causes of maternal injury and death are excessive blood loss, infection, high blood pressure, unsafe abortion, and obstructed labor, as well as indirect causes such as anemia, malaria, and heart disease. Most maternal deaths are preventable with timely management by a skilled health professional working in a supportive environment. 


This proposal addresses the most important issues of the health environment of the community of Ouanaminthe, Haiti.  It is also an effort to propose to its inhabitants’ new services, including chiropractic and chiropractic lifestyle education, as it relates to community-oriented maternal health.  We propose that this will solve some of the deficiencies that affect the community.



Ouanaminthe has a very precarious health system. It is mostly private, unfocused, and unaffordable to the average inhabitant. Therefore, there is a high rate of maternal and infant mortality, lower life expectancy in the region, little access to health services for women. This proposal is intended to set up a Maternal-community-oriented health center, which provides an accessible, efficient and quality alternative so that patients can have access to it, at a reasonable (or no cost), a short waiting period and a better outcome.


We are planning to provide a safe place for Haitian women to receive compassionate and respectful care at the hands of skilled midwives and chiropractors. No one will be turned away. We anticipate that every morning 50 women will start their day waiting to be seen by the midwives. Women will be entering (in labor) to our sanctuary and safety to have their babies.  With the help of the members of the__________________________, we would like the clinic name to be the MLI_________________________ Birthing and Chiropractic center. 


Note: The site of this building is on our Mission Life International Village of Hope property. We have 4 other buildings on this property. A building that houses our chiropractic orphanage. A kitchen building with a large kitchen on the ground floor and 4 rooms with bathrooms upstairs. Our gazebo restaurant, a new building that is being constructed, will have the capacity to host 100 people. 


Along with chiropractic, prenatal and postnatal care, the Birthing Center will be also a “Women’s and baby’s Health and Teaching Center,” providing educational classes. Mainly, we want healthy mothers and babies. Poor mothers visiting us will leave with a better understanding of life and health.:

  1. Family planning: it is better to have fewer children who are healthy than a lot of children who have malnutrition.

  2. Birth control: Provide safe and sustainable birth control. However, there are strict guidelines from the Government of Haiti that we must follow.

  3. Prenatal vitamins: they will receive authentic prenatal vitamin to help their baby get the nutrients needed for healthy development.

  4. Breastfeeding support: Offer structured programs of supporting breastfeeding in stages pre and postnatal.

  5. Good hygiene: How to take care of themselves before, after, and during pregnancy and How to care for their newborns as they develop.

  6. Chiropractic Care and education in the chiropractic lifestyle.



We have already invested over $80,000 US in the creation of our Birthing and Chiropractic Center building. Donations came from 

  • Life University $20,000 

  • New Beginnings $10,000 

  • Ryan Cecil $5,000 

  • $10,000 from multiple individuals 

  • $35,000 from Peter Morgan, DC. 


The proposal will consider, particularly important aspects such as human, financial and material resources among others as follows:

                                                                  per                                            totals

Medical director                                      300.00                                        300.00


2 midwifes                                              300.00                                         600.00


1 nurse                                                   200.00                                         200.00


1 Security Guard                                    100.00                                          100.00 


1 Secretary                                             150.00                                          150.00

Monthly cleaning material and                 70.00                                           210.00

other incidental spending


3 Cleaning Crew                                     200.00                                           200.00


Subtotal                                                                                                     $1760.00

  • Finally, we will need additional funds as a contingency $100 a month (medication, emergency equipment, attorney fees, legal paper, stationery, glassware, etc.)

  • We will need electricity, water, phone, internet and cable: $140 a month.

  • Rental of the premises will be at no cost because we own the premises.

  • Mission Life International will provide room and board for the midwives and nurse at no cost.  


Total financial requirements to move forward: $2000/Month (minimum). 


We are praying that the _______________________ could help us generate $2,000 a month of donations from their board members and their members combined. 



  • LCW Members can be asked to donate $25, 50, or 75 a month.  Anyone who donates $100 or more a month would be welcome on one of our chiropractic mission trips for free. This includes room and board at the Codevi Hotel (or they can stay at our orphanage). Or they can plan a trip to Haiti, on their own, and stay at the orphanage and volunteer at the health and birthing center and witness firsthand, the miracle that has been created.

  • Contributor's Name on the building:  $40,000   Note:  Life University has already contributed $30,000.  If they could add another $10,000 and have their name on the building and it will be called MLI Life University Health Center!    

  • $24,000 a year contribution and birthing center naming rights. So, if the ___________________________ can garnish their members to contribute $2,000 a month then we can call it the MLI____________________ Birthing Center. 

  • For $500 a month we can create a mural on our walls dedicated to the donator. (must commit to at least 2 years)  

  • Contributor's Name on a hallway: $3600/year can be paid in monthly installments of $300/month (must commit to at least 2 years). 

  • Contributor's Name on room: $2400 /year can be paid in monthly installments of $200/month (must commit to at least 2 years)

  • Contributor's Name on a brick:  $100

  • Contributor's Name listed on website as a donor:  $120/year can be paid in monthly installments of $10/month, (must commit to at least 2 years) 

  • $75 a month: Contributor's Name on one of the 33 principles painted on walls or floors or sides of buildings. 



  • During the period of January 2010 to January 2013 our chiropractic orphanage placed over 1,000 Haitian children who became orphaned in the January 2010 earthquake with Haitian families who lost their own children. 

  • Our organization has led 99 chiropractic mission trips. 

  • Mission Life International presently clothes, feeds and houses 29 children in Ouanaminthe, Haiti. Our education arm educated our 29 children at our Mission Life Orphanage and 39 children at Pastor Prospers school. 

  • Mission Life International has built wells, installed water filtration systems and built desks and blackboards since the devastating earthquake of 2010. 

  • In January 2013, we moved our children into better housing with a security guard and employed a nun to help provide structure in their daily routine and assist in their daily activities. 

  • We have finished construction of new housing for our children. 

  • We have brought approximately 3,500 Doctors to Haiti since 2002. 

  • We have purchased land for Pastor Prosper who was about to lose his church and school. We have built a church and Christian school for Pastor Prosper’s congregation. 

  • We have begun the construction of the Village of Hope. The village will house many children. We have begun the construction of our mission house for housing of all chiro-missionaries. 

  • We have completed the construction of the chiropractic health and birthing center. 

  • Our outdoor restaurant is almost complete. 

  • All our orphaned children will have jobs. 

  • Currently our mission employs 20 people from Haiti. 


Thank you for this opportunity to present this to you.  We believe that this is in alignment with the vision and values of the___________________.  We look forward to seeing the miracles that will come from this endeavor. 


Many blessings,

Peter Morgan, DC